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Welcome to Only The Blue Side – The Blog

Dave Wateridge

b. 27.01.1964

This is Only The Blue Side, and is the blog of me, Dave Wateridge, which is constructed using WordPress and currently hosted by Fasthosts

The original title of “The Joy Circuit” came from my favourite Gary Numan song of the same name. It is generally recommended that websites have an easy recognisable title and it sounded better than “The Dave Wateridge Homepage” and the best I could think of at the time.

I attempted to re-brand the site as Only The Blue Side and that name will get you redirected. If you lived in Hampshire and followed football you would understand the name. Unfortunately due to the original server address being thejoycircuit and the cost and time involved in moving it over it will remain there.

Personal Life

No point in going into great details about me as most of my likes and dislikes are covered in the main site. In summary I was born in 1964 and grew up in Bedhampton which is the posh bit outside Portsmouth and should not be confused with Leigh Park where the burnt out cars are.

My ideal women would have had Rachael Leigh Cook’s face, Katherine Heigl’s body and the voice of Amy Acker. Or just let me have Victoria Justice!. I can always hope!.

My working career consisted of 4 years with the MOD at Portsmouth Dockyard from which Maggie Thatcher kindly made me redundant. I followed that with 1 week at a shit company in Waterlooville before I walked out and spent a year enjoying my redundancy. I  spent the next 20 years at the now failed company that is Autoliv AGB. From 10 April 2006 I started work at H+S Aviation.

I have 3 children


My interests outside work include a long and ofter painful support of Portsmouth Football Club who are currently in a period of great decline

I also have a keen interest in electronic music and the collection of synthesizers. I would never describe myself as a musician as I can’t play but love the technology.


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