Music Technology


My current list of musical equipment

Korg MS2000B Korg DW8000 Studiologic Sledge Alesis NanoSynth Alesis NanoBass
Access Virus B Roland SH-32 Roland JV-1010 Casio CZ-101 Novation A-Station
Roland Gaia Quasimidi Quasar OSC Oscar Roland JX-3P Dave Smith Evolver
Casio VZ-8M Kawai K4r E-mu Proteus 2000 Korg 03R/W Yamaha MU90R
Yamaha TX81Z Waldorf Streichfett Roland JX-03 Roland SE-02 Roland D-05
Roland SH-01A Novation UltraNova Behringer Neutron

Soundmaster SR-88 Akai XR10 Zoom RT-323 Roland CR-1000 Ion iED04
Yamaha DD-10 Novation Drumstation Roland TR-08

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