Sep 162019

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BORN - September 16

On This Day Madeline Zima Victory Van Tuyl

Jun 112016

Victory Van Tuyl

Born : 16 September 1995 ( 23 )

Victory Van Tuyl

Victory Van Tuyl is an American actress.

She is best known for her role as Teri Forman on the Nickelodeon series Marvin Marvin. She recently starred in the independent film, Bedeviled, which had a theatrical release of August 11, 2017.

Van Tuyl and her family relocated to Los Angeles in 2011 to better pursue her acting career. Shortly after arriving she landed a recurring role as Julie on the Nickelodeon series Supah Ninjas. She guest starred in 5 episodes of Supah Ninjas and also appeared in The Aquabats! Super Show!. Nickelodeon then offered her the part of Teri, one of the lead roles in the network’s new series, Marvin Marvin. In it she starred alongside YouTube-sensation-turned-TV-star Lucas Cruikshank, who portrayed a space alien sent to live on Earth. Van Tuyl played his human sister who helped him navigate life as a typical American teenager. She starred in all twenty episodes of the entire Marvin Marvin series. She appeared in Season 6 of the ABC series Castle, playing the role of Kris Howard in the episode “Smells like Teen Spirit.” In 2014 she starred in the independent film The Stable Boy, which is in post-production. Some of Van Tuyl’s other credits include the 2009 movie Zombieland and a L'Oréal commercial as the daughter of Julianna Margulies.

Celebrity Victory Van Tuyl