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BORN - April 1

On This Day

May 202017

Gary Numan

Raven is beside herself. They’ve advertised my LA show next to Ariana Grande. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so excited (Raven not Ariana, I doubt Ariana cares 🙂

The latest Intruder album video update is now online here: https://t.co/rJMQXbuInV Appreciate the photo has nothing to do with the studio but it’s all I could find in the few minutes I have this morning 🙂

We make no apologies for this shocking photo.

The reality of the war we are waging on wildlife needs to be known.


Please support the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting today: https://t.co/T0y8kSB7EZ

Thank you.

INFO APPEAL: We're appealing for witnesses after a kitten was dropped out of a moving car window in Pontypool. Can you help? 0300 123 8018. The kitten is now with a foster with @CatsProtection and was luckily uninjured - full story here https://t.co/mey3lPf2r6

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