May 202017

Gary Numan

Soon I start work on my next album. As with Savage & the Pledge campaign, fans will be able to witness the entire process from day 1 to finished album, but this time the campaign will run through Townsend’s Making Music site rather than Pledge. More info:

Which album means everything to you?

🖤 Gary Numan joins @StuartMaconie this Sunday from 7-10am GMT to discuss the pivotal records in his life. Here’s @numanofficial on how synths changed his life.

Thank you to everyone that came along to my ‘In Conversation’ event in London last night, and for all the kind comments you’ve posted about it today. Based on that I might do some more later in the year.


Surprised at how emotional I was last night at certain points. Talking about my Mum for example, and the baby we lost. These are things that I’ve been able to talk about in private, but in public I found it wasn’t so easy. London tonight. Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank.

Over 1000 of you have donated to our Shark Fundraiser in the past three days, collectively raising over €52k to protect the sharks! We still have a long way to go to reach €120k by Jan 31st, please share: #ExtinctionIsForever

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