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BORN - April 1

On This Day

May 202017

Gary Numan

Huge thanks to @liamgallagher for making Raven, Persia and Echo so welcome last night. Raven just told me it was the best night of her life.

GREAT NEWS!! It’s official - the government is going to implement the ban on hunting trophy imports that we’ve been calling for! #QueensSpeech #BanTrophyHunting Thank you everyone for all your brilliant support! Now let’s get a GLOBAL BAN.

Babies are going to see @liamgallagher at the Hollywood Bowl this evening. They are very excited, and very nervous.

Ronnie the rescued St Bernard, checking my spelling just before we left LA for this tour. He likes to be close. Dogs are amazing aren’t they. Big or small, how empty life would be without them.

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