Jun 192022

Music Technology

Updates have been few and far between on this site mainly due to me being very busy re-organising my synthesizer collection which entailed breaking up the old sofa bed that occupied that room in situ and attempting to sort everything out while being unable to move anything out the room.

It is now all laid out on a new bench and rack system and powered by some dedicated switchable boxes.

In hindsight, some of it would have been done differently but on the whole, I am glad it is done although I dread to think what the final cost has been.

Oct 172021

Music Technology

After many years of service, my old Korg DW-8000 has decided it has had enough.

My limited electrical knowledge stretches as far as replacing the external and internal fuses but neither bring the old girl to life.

There does not appear to be anything obviously burnt out internally but it is way beyond my comfort zone.

Aug 242020

Music Technology

This was not a longterm planned buy, I was always intending to get a Modal Argon8 and possibly still will but ended up with this instead.

I had started to take a partial interest in modular synths with a long term plan of maybe one day building a Eurorack. This seemed a good starting point. Have to say on initial experience my Eurorack plans are on hold, patching is not easy.

Worried at first as it made no noise out of the box even though it was clearly getting a signal but found an initial setup guide online that pointed me to my error (Overdrive Level set at Zero)

It has some interesting tonal possibilites and for a Behringer does seem a solid build, jury is still out.

Aug 242019

Music Technology

Finally got myself an Novation Ultranova.

My fourth attempt at buying one of these. Every previous time I was sold one they decided they were out of stock. This was possibly the last new one in the UK.

I love it, so many options, almost too many. Who really needs 6 Envelopes!

The Wavetables I would say are the only disappointment when compared to what the MS2000B gives but the basic waveforms on offer and how you can vary them more than makes up for it.

Kept me occupied while my Internet was out for over a week!