Sep 172017

Molly Quinn


Time for a standing ovation! Congratulations to our marvelous cast and crew on 8 #Emmys wins! #MrsMaisel

Working on one of my collages. The resin set extremely hard on this one! Maybe because I did three layers...

Y’all have any fun weekend projects planned?

I find this incredibly beautiful, the active days of summer, of being young and unaware. Or not so young and still unaware! Just Like me haha! @NewYorker

Looking forward to attending #GCAS2018 with @Oxfam today. I’m going into this ready to learn how to help families who have been displaced by natural disasters.

I can’t wait to share what I learn with y’all

Only together we can create change

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Molly Quinn

Jul 022016

Molly Quinn



Molly Caitlyn Quinn (born October 8, 1993) is an American actress—credited as Molly C. Quinn since 2013—whose work includes theatre, film, and television. Her notable roles include Alexis Castle, daughter of the title character, on ABC's Castle and the voice of Bloom, one of the main characters in Winx Club.


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