Sep 242018

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24 September 2018



Mathias Svensson

Age 44
Mathias Svensson is a retired Swedish footballer. He played as striker and his last team was IF Elfsborg, having spent much of his career in England. He won three full international caps for Sweden during his career. He is the CEO and co-owner of Effektiv, a company in the staffing-and-recruitment industry.

Svensson played 51 times for Portsmouth scoring 12 goals between 1996 – 1998

Petri Pasanen

Age 38
Petri Pasanen is a Finnish former professional football defender. He was most comfortable in central defense, but also played right back and left back as well. Pasanen was born in Lahti, Finland where he played for the local teams before moving to Ajax. He spent most of his career at Bundesliga club Werder Bremen which he represented in the UEFA Champions League in multiple seasons, and in the 2009 UEFA Cup Final.

Pasanen played 16 times for Portsmouth in 2004

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