Nov 302019

Heavenly Match


RATED5.1 Plot

Levelled seminar graduate David Swenson gently tries to coach his screw-up former classmate Casey Hart when a small town parish which engaged her as short-term interim loses its sick pastor, so she's now on trial basis as 'senior minister'. The parish council has its doubts about her, especially elderly traditionalist pillar-biter Olivia Thompkins, who demands her dismissal when income drops due to theft and lesser donations. Instead of declaring her love for wonderful mentor David, she fakes a local relationship, driving him to start an affair with her best friend Cali, who finds out, so both feel betrayed. Still, David helped trap the thief, enabling surprising ways out for various parties, as by God's mysterious ways.


I'm starting to hate Brendan Penny, not only does he get to romance Rachael Leigh Cook in the "Vineyard" series he now gets to do it with Samaire Armstrong in this film. I'm jealous. The film is your typical "Hallmark" type movie only unusual in that it's religious setting



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Oct 122019

Autumn In The Vineyard


RATED6.6 Plot

When Frankie Baldwin and Nate Deluca both have a claim to ownership of Sorrento Farm, they are forced to divide the vineyard right down the middle and work the fields alongside each other to bring in the harvest leading up to the Best Wine competition at the annual Autumn Harvest Festival – only this rivalry won't be settled in the fields, because in spite of their contentious bickering, the simplest way to settle this particular legal dispute is with a romance.


Well this is a Hallmark film so you pretty much know it's going to be a cheesy romance. This one stars Rachael Leigh Cook so it has a head start over most.



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