Jan 142020

How To Plan An Orgy In A Small Town


PLOTThe film stars Jewel Staite as Cassie Cranston, a newspaper sex columnist returning to her hometown for her mother's funeral, for the first time since being slut-shamed by her high school classmates who caught her trying to lose her virginity.

In trouble with her publisher because many of the sex stories she has written about were actually fictional, and with her former friends and neighbours because she has often written about them as yokels and rubes, she tries to square the circle by challenging the town to plan an orgy to prove that they are not as provincial as she has depicted them, in turn giving her the opportunity to write a new true story.
2015Personal Rating70Rotten Critics29Rotten Audience35IMDb Rating55Combined Rating47.3

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Sep 022019

A Swingers Weekend


PLOTDan and Lisa are a seemingly perfect couple, who decide to spice things up with a swinger's weekend with their hot and young friends Teejay and Skai in a lake house. However, things start to go awry with the unexpected arrival of Geoffrey and Fiona, which complicates what was supposed to be a carefully planned weekend. Each has its own reasons to participate in this weekend. Dan and Lisa want to try for the thrill, Teejay and Skai seem already into the lifestyle, and Geoffrey wants to participate as an extreme way to save his marriage with Fiona. While this is a weekend meant for casual, no-strings-attached sex, things quickly become much more complicated. 2017Personal Rating60Rotten Critics38Rotten Audience66IMDb Rating56Combined Rating54.8

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