Apr 102022

On This Day April Audrey Whitby

Name Age Born Image Rated
Sophie Ellis Bextor 43 1979 . .
Liz McLarnon 41 1981 . .
Chyler Leigh 40 1982 .
Mandy Moore 38 1984 . .
AJ Michalka 31 1991 . .
Daisy Ridley 30 1992 . .
Audrey Whitby 26 1996

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Mar 302022

Visit number 5 to view Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds live on stage.

Justin Hayward returns and although he can still sing he is starting to look his age and I personally think someone younger with a bit more mobility would suit but at least is was not like David Essex appearance on the stage version.

The rest of the cast in Kevin Clifton, Claire Richards, Nathan James, Duncan James and Anna-Marie Wayne were excellent.

The visuals slightly changed with the dropping of the Martian scene at the beginning and replaced with narration through the ages by HG Wells played by Callum O’Neill with a “modern” message ;(

Jul 312021

Went to see Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience.

It’s been a long wait due to COVID but we finally got there and have to say it was worth the wait.

It is a good experience even if I did find responding to the actors beyond my comfort level but cannot fault them or the effort they put in.

A technical glitch meant the boat segment didn’t work so we missed a drink in the Red Weed bar to redo it and I’m glad we did. The graphics do look dated by modern computer standards but as it’s fully 360° I can understand why and the aerial scenes at the end truly outstanding.

Dec 162018

My 4th trip to see the “big” show (I don’t count the mini version in London) and it did not disappoint.

This time it was once again at the Brighton Centre.

No weak links this time like Marti Pellows terrible performance and apart from a small wardrobe malfunction with Carrie Hope Fletchers dress it appeared to go okay although the ghost levitation was missing but I read this had not worked on opening night so maybe it was dropped from the show.

Hopefully it will not be the last time I see the show.