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On This Day . Willow Shields
Apr 102017

Famous Births and Deaths on this day in history







On This Day . Audrey Whitby
Mar 192016
Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of
The War Of The Worlds


Plot Summary

Featuring a stellar cast, Jeff Wayne’s global music phenomenon is re imagined and brought to spectacular West End life for its much-anticipated world stage premiere.

Making their West End debuts are iconic actor, musician, and writer Jimmy Nail, British singer-songwriter Daniel Bedingfield, and former Sugababes popstar Heidi Range. Joining them are West End stars Michael Praed (The Sound of Music, Palladium) and Madalena Alberto (Evita, Dominion). Completing one of the starriest casts the West End has seen, the legendary David Essex returns to The War Of The Worlds for the first time since he recorded the original double album.

Also featuring Liam Neeson in sight and sound, the iconic Martian Fighting Machine, special effects, and a live orchestra conducted on stage by Jeff Wayne, this phenomenal new production playing for a strictly limited run until 30th April is not to be missed.


A very difficult one to review. After seeing the “Arena” tours this was a disappointment. A reduced band didn’t reflect a loss of music quality but the additional dancers were a distraction. Once into the feeling that this was a West End Show you can begin to appreciate it from the view of its potential target audience. Individual performances were generally high (exceptional in Daniel Bedingfield’s case), the only lack lustre performance was from David Essex, he was not up to singing Thunderchild.