Apr 172016
Robot Overlords



Plot Summary

After eleven days of war, robots from outer space domain the earthlings. People receive implants and are confined inside their houses while collaborators distribute supplies for the families. The teenager Sean Flynn misses his father Danny, who is a pilot, and his mother Kate is constantly harassed by the collaborator Robin Smythe. One day, Sean, his teenage friends Nathan and his sister Alexandra and the orphan boy Connor accidentally discover how to turn off the implants for thirteen hours, using a battery with damaged contacts.

They leave their house during the curfew to seek out Danny and soon Sean discovers that he has the ability of controlling the robots. Meanwhile Smythe is hunting them down. Will the youngsters succeed in their intent?


How does a film this poor get Gillian Anderson and Ben Kinglsey in starring roles? Did they lose a bet. This is the type of film the Childrens Film Foundation use to make.