Apr 012019

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BORN - April 1

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Mar 262019

On This Day

BORN - March 26

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Mar 082019

On This Day

BORN - March 8

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Mar 122018

Gary Numan

Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth

12 March 2018

Return leg of his 2017 tour and Gary Numan opens at the Pyramid Centre.

As per usual the legend does not disappoint, nice to see This Wreckage get a play as well.

No appearance of his daughter this time on My Name Is Ruin as she did at Brighton, I guess she has to go to school occasionally.

A very good support act in the form of Nightmare Air, they will require some looking up.

Set List

01. Ghost Nation
02. Halo
03. Me! I Disconnect From You
04. Bed of Thorns
05. Down in the Park
06. Pray for the Pain You Serve
07. Here in the Black
08. Haunted
09. The Fall
10. Mercy
11. Love Hurt Bleed
12. My Name Is Ruin
13. Cars
14. When the World Comes Apart
15. Are ‘Friends’ Electric?


16. This Wreckage
17. Metal


Oct 162017

Gary Numan

Brighton Dome

16 October 2017

The return of Gary Numan to the south coast last night to promote his most successful album of recent years Savage

Great concert as per usual, including his daughter Persia taking the stage for backing vocals on My Name Is Ruin.

Didn’t see the support act this time

Set List

01. Ghost Nation
02. Metal
03. The Fall
04. Remind Me to Smile
05. Bed of Thorns
06. Dead Sun Rising
07. Down in the Park
08. Pray for the Pain You Serve
09. Here in the Black
10. Mercy
11. Love Hurt Bleed
12. My Name is Ruin
13. Cars
14. When the World Comes Apart
15. A Prayer for the Unborn


16. I Die: You Die
17. Are ‘Friends’ Electric?


May 202017

Gary Numan

Flying back to the UK briefly. Meeting up with Ade Fenton tomorrow for new album stuff. Also going to Townsend while I’m here to sign some things for the Making Music campaign, plus I’m sneaking a few days in Monaco to watch the F1 Grand Prix.

Meet and Greets for the added Dublin Olympia show on Sep 22nd are now available here: https://t.co/45mzbYFpr0

I am so pleased to be able to announce a late addition to the (R)evolution Tour. It will now start at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on Sep 22nd. Tickets will go on sale on Friday at 9am. https://t.co/d3Faue2ICX

Gemma heard this morning that she did not get the @Madonna tickets she’d applied for. DEEP depression has set in so, if I’m to survive intact, I think a reeeally long day in the studio is called for.

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