May 232021

Yesterday was the United Kingdoms’ annual humiliation otherwise known as the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year’s cannon fodder was James Newman who I had never heard of and probably never will again. His song “Embers” was nothing special and didn’t deserve to get anywhere near the top but not sure it deserved nil points from both the “expert” and audience juries.

The contest was won by Måneskin from Italy, not actually a bad song.

At least the BBC got a chance to waste license fees again.

May 142016

I’m a great fan of Eurovision and its combination of cheese and hot women. I try and blank out the women with beards and transexuals, not really my scene.

This year we have a good entry in Joe and Jake, as usual we probably have no chance of winning but at least this year I can honestly say we were robbed.

My prediction for top 3 is..

  1. Russia
  2. Sweden
  3. Australia

A couple of good rock songs from Georgia and Cyprus but not the sort to win Eurovision.