Apr 152017

Emma Caulfield


Oh boy. Me 2009 vs me 2019. #tenyearslater. First off, I miss that tan. Second, I miss the baby fat. Now my fat is this skin on my tummy no crunch seems to kill. Hahahahahaahahabah.… https://t.co/ZdVcf8AV2J

#JETLAGAF #happytobehome #timetowork @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/mOM3QrT6TS

Shinzo Abe: Tell Japan NO to SLAUGHTERING WHALES! - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/Z3jZIqp3k5 via @Change. I signed.

Went to my first “football” game today. #ManU. @ManUtd They won. The guy next to me was VERY happy. Xxx @markleslieford #boxingday @ England https://t.co/x21ktLNmqp

Caption this. #christmastimeishere #dearsanta #england🇬🇧 #fatherchristmas @ England https://t.co/GpeQWbmbfB

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Mar 302017

I absolutely love this picture from Entertainment magazine to mark the 20th Anniversary or Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Just had to include it here

From left to right Amber Benson , Alyson Hannigan , Nicholas Brendon , Emma Caulfield , Alexis Denisof , Charisma Carpenter , Seth Green , David Boreanaz , Sarah Michelle Gellar , James Marsters , Michelle Trachtenberg , Kristine Sutherland

And in front, the legend himself, Joss Whedon

If only it had included Anthony Head (Giles), Eliza Dushku (Faith), Julie Benz (Darla) and Juliet Landau (Drusilla)

Michelle Trachtenberg   .   Eliza Dushku

Mar 102017

20 years ago to day the greatest TV show of all time first aired.

I wasn’t into it from episode one as I thought the film was a bit so so, just remember catching the end of a few episodes as I think it was on before Star Trek. My opinion soon changed.