Oct 072017

Emily Bloom


Not ITunes but Apple store (to buy a laptop)! If you’d like to buy something that I sell (check out https://t.co/FbuYkkCcg1 ) come talk to me and I’ll give you a discount! Or if you’d like to send me an Apple gift card for my upcoming birthday if very much appreciate it too ❤️

When u join my website https://t.co/VRLTDUAT1J for just 20$ u get
- over 4500 pictures in 88 galleries
- 75 videos (about 13 hours worth)
- 11 VR 360 videos
- 27 candid posts
- 30+ models
And on top of that u get 10 more updates that r going to come out during your month!


I’d like to let ya know that from this point and until my birthday (July 9) I will not be opening any packages sent to me to then open them all on my birthday online on mfc with all of you ❤️ if you’d like to send me a bday gift check out my wishlist

Phew Germany narrowly survived 😅 that was an intense game

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