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Dec 022017

Clare Kramer

Clare: “What do you geek out about?”
@RobertPicardo is reading @TheKateMulgrew’s new book. “She’s just such a great writer that she makes you feel like you’re in it.” #CelebrityFanFest #StarTrek #HowToForget

“When you become part of the #StarTrek phenomena, you become part of a saga.” @RobertPicardo #CelebrityFanFest

“It was very easy; everybody was very accommodating. It was a very easy adaptation.” @GineokwKoenig on joining #StarTrek: TOS in the second season #CelebrityFanFest

“I really like Black Manta and Harley Quinn.” @yahya, on who he’d like to see his #Aquaman character pair up with #CelebrityFanFest

The role of King Nereus in #Aquaman appealed to @Dolph_Lundgren because it was a change of place. “Normally, I play the bad guy, like in ‘Rocky IV,’ or like in ‘The Expandables,’ where I take out the bad guys.” #CelebrityFanFest

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