Mar 262019

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BORN - March 26

On This Day

Dec 022017

Clare Kramer

“I had a friend who had a dog as a child, and I just tried to channel that dog.” Brendan Fraser, on the inspiration for #GeorgeoftheJungle @CelebFanFest

“The hard and fast rule is, if I don’t believe what I’m doing, the audience won’t. ... The challenge is to believe in everything I’m doing, and then the CGI works.” Brendan Fraser @CelebFanFest, on working with people vs. CGI

“I’m of the opinion that everything you want to know about acting, you can learn from watching a Warner Bros. cartoon: Punchline, delivery...” Brendan Fraser, on #LooneyTunesBackInAction @CelebFanFest


Fan @CelebFanFest: Which was your favorite character to play in #Bedazzled?
Brendan Fraser: I got a kick out of playing the basketball player ... and the guy who couldn’t keep it together when he saw a sunset.

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