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Brec Bassinger

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90 Brec Bassinger is an American actress.

Born : 25 May 1999 ( 20 )

She is best known for her lead role as Bella Dawson on the Nickelodeon series Bella and the Bulldogs, her recurring role as Emma in The Haunted Hathaways, her part as Roni Sweetzer in the Hulu show All Night, and her role as Maxie in the 2018 movie Status Update.

Celebrity Brec Bassinger

Apr 292017

Brec Bassinger

We're getting many Qs about donating to fight the fires. Moira's right: it's the government's responsibility - one it's neglecting. We can't fight the fires directly but we ARE trying stop future destruction. If that speaks to you, donate here: https://t.co/moJrGDgj6g Thanks! https://t.co/KfMSoaoUvI

PRAYING FOR THE AMAZON. But also wanting to know how I can be more hands on. If you know any way to donate/help the amazon please respond.

The Amazon Rainforest supplies Earth with 20% of oxygen and is thought to be home to 30% of all species. And yet this beautiful place is being destroyed by a fire that has lasted 20+ days the smoke alone can be seen from Space .
#AmazonRainforest #PrayForTheAmazon


I’m not home to watch #TheBacheloretteFinale but I’m living vicariously through Twitter. 😀😀😀😀

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Brec Bassinger