Mar 042016
The Blacklist (Season 1)


Plot Summary

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Keen lives a happy live with her husband Tom, and they are planning to adopt a baby. Liz wants to go to her new job at the FBI when she is picked up by them and driven to a black-site. Here she meets Raymond Reddington. Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington is a master criminal who vanished a long time ago and came back as the concierge of crime. Then he turns himself in to the FBI. He wants to catch dangerous criminals with them, some of them not even known as existing to the FBI. He has made a Blacklist on which all of those criminals stand.

There is one thing Red demands – he will only speak and work with Elizabeth Keen – and this happens. Around Liz, a task force is made in which are some of the biggest professionals the FBI knows. The task force helps Red to find his criminals, but there seems to be more going on. Why would Red choose Liz? Why does he want to solve cases together with the FBI. And, as Red says, Liz’ husband Tom Keen isn’t who he pretends to be. As they save criminal after criminal the answers become slowly clear.


(SPOILERS) Purchased on a gamble as I think James Spader is an amazing actor. The series is engrossing and the whole season was watched in a very short space of time. You are never quite sure who are the good guys. I was very saddened to see Meera (Parminda Nagra) killed off though.