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Nov 042018

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa Hudgens Music

Jul 292018

Olivia Holt


This is mayhem.
Marvel’s @CloakAndDagger Season 2 premieres Thursday, April 4 on @FreeformTV. #CloakAndDagger

We promised you mayhem and it’s coming 🖤🗡 Marvel’s @CloakAndDaggerTV Season 2. Premieres Thursday, April 4 on @FreeformTV #CloakAndDagger

i’m beginning to feel like an @aubreyomari fan account. so srsly scary obsessed w him

1 week left of filming season 2 and my heart has begun to feel every emotion @CloakAndDagger 🖤

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Olivia Holt

Jun 022018

Katie Douglas


Danishka Esterhazy Sci-Fi film "Level 16" with Katie Douglas on Blu-ray in April #Level16 #Level16Movie #DanishkaEsterhazy #KatieDouglas #CelinaMartin #PeterOuterbridge #SaraCanning #Bluray

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May 122018

Hunter King


My heart is so heavy today. Kristoff you were always so sweet and so kind to everyone. You had the best smile and the warmest hugs. Going to miss seeing you at work. Truly so saddend by this tragedy

Watching the ball drop in Times Square with these amazing people was such an incredible experience I’ll never forget. Thanks @nico_svoboda for letting me smooch on ya for 2 minutes…

Just a bunch a’ hooligans dancing in the rain in the middle of Times Square to ring in the new year joeyking @ Times Square, New York City

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Hunter King

May 052018

Shailene Woodley


Link to donate here, every little bit helps! 🙏

URGENT: Proposed changes to Hong Kong law would allow refugees to be deported before their cases are even heard. HK could immediately deport the Snowden refugees despite their pending appeals. Please donate to help get them out at

For years, Hong Kong has escalated a campaign of retaliation against the families that helped me. And for years, the Canadian government has gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid responding to the emergency appeal that could save their lives. Why?

well, we’ve been coming to the dance for a decade now, and the love just gets deeper. happy 10th sundance @ShawnCaulin @IsidoraGore

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Shailene Woodley

Apr 082018

Paul Joseph Watson


San Francisco alone handed out 5.8 million free syringes last year to reduce HIV amongst drug addicts.

Yet opioids are killing Americans at a rate faster than AIDS ever did and virtually nothing is being done.


Jussie Smollett update: Fox News is reporting via @MattFinnFNC that they have Chicago Police sources saying the Jussie Smollet attack is a HOAX. Fox is the largest outlet to claim sources within investigation saying that this is a hoax scripted by Jussie.



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Jan 282018

Emily Kinney

Emily Kinney Emily Kinney Music

Jan 062018

Myleene Klass

Imagine starting your weekend in the company of the legendary @DollyParton! Well our very own @KlassMyleene got to do just that today 💜 Head to to hear a brand new version of #Jolene!

#9to5musical #DollyParton #MyleeneKlass


OMG sound UP! @dollyparton/ Fairy Godmother. @smoothradio

Jolene has been re recorded!!! I’m dining out on this forever!!! X

The happiest of birthdays to the most beautiful girl @AmandaHolden. We love you x

Here’s a great way to get your kids listening to classical music: David Walliams' #MarvellousMusicalPodcast at The first one celebrates one of the greatest female composers of the 20th century. 👀 out for my cameo as a suffragette!

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Dec 242017

Ashley Boettcher

Not to be dramatic, but Tangled makes me cry every time I watch it

All of your #KINGDOMHEARTS III tweets made my day! So happy you guys love playing as much as I loved working on it! ❤️🖤❤️

wowza, reading through my twitter drafts is an emotional roller coaster. i mean, dang, who hurt me? 😂

Beyond thrilled to announce I’ll be voicing Olette in #KingdomHearts III!
Available for Xbox One and PS4 January 29th! ❤️❤️❤️

So I’m just tired all the time now? I thought eating healthy and working out was supposed to give you more energy? I’m confused. 😂

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Dec 022017

Clare Kramer

When you get direct marketed to the new @SPANX jeans - decide you HAVE TO HAVE THEM NOW - and they are out of your size. #FAKENationalEmergency

And here they all are together. Adopt Wolfie & Winnie today!!!



I am not sure but you can ask the fabulous @AlbertPyunFilms.

Ps. Where’s the #Angel #ats 20th reunion con?
Do I need to organize this myself?

What do the fans want?

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Nov 042017

Chloe Moretz

Just texted someone, seems like a nice person, but I have a feeling that something ominous is going to happen as time goes on......Oh Well, Here’s Her Number: 313131
#GRETA #March1st


A little caffeine and #Valentines love from the upcoming film #Greta! ❤️ You can send her a message by texting “Valentine” to 313131! 🤳📱FanBolt is also giving away free passes to an early screening of #Greta in #Atlanta! 🎬 Grab them while you can:

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Oct 212017

Willow Shields


ok so i’m doing a little experiment to prove tattoos are bacially everywhere and more accepted in 2018 RT if you have at least ONE tattoo, pass it on

$30,000: The cost to send a California student to UCLA

$75,000: The cost to send someone to prison in California

Maybe, just maybe, we should be investing in education rather than locking kids up.

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Willow Shields