Jun 122022

Celebrity Ruby Jay

Ruby Jay


3 December 2004

California, USA

She is a YouTube star, singer, and actress, best known for playing the role of ‘Scavenger’ in the highly popular video game ‘The Shelter: A Survival Story.’ Before becoming a part of the famous video game, she had already made a name for herself by posting cover versions of popular songs on her self-titled YouTube channel. Like most of her contemporaries, Ruby started learning music at a very young age after being inspired by musical theatre.

She created her YouTube channel for uploading content and gradually amassed a decent number of subscribers. She started off by posting a video titled ‘I Know Things Now – Into the Woods,’ which was a cover version of her own stage performance. After posting a few more cover versions of popular songs, she started uploading random videos like skits, funny videos, and vlogs. She soon became a young celebrity in the world of social media with a huge fan following.