Apr 192022

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Amazing Winter Romance

DirectorJason Bourque




‘Amazing Winter Romance’ movie follows Julia and Nate as they find love in their childhood friendship, but are reluctant to accept.

Inspirational writer Julia has lost her mojo. Instead of writing uplifting articles about romance and conquering goals, she’s penning pieces about jaded love and lost dreams. Julia’s boss wants her best writer to rediscover her “seize-the-day” spirit and sends Julia back home to write about the charm of small towns.

Almost instantly, being around her family and childhood friend Nate, Julia feels the warmth of her community and starts to develop the angle for her article.

Awed by the beauty of the labyrinth of snow built by Nate, Julia writes a beautiful piece that her boss loves, and now she’s wanted back in the city to write about venues there.

The problem is Julia and Nate aren’t just finding friendship in one another’s eyes anymore, and although everyone around them sees their romantic chemistry, neither has the courage to admit it’s there.

But when Julia sees Nate seemingly enjoying himself on a date with a cute young woman who’s new to town, she decides there’s nothing keeping her from going back to the city.

If only Nate would utter the one word that Julia needs to hear – stay.