Apr 242021

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Sex And The Teenage Mind

DirectorDonald L. Gold


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Just as Virgil (Jay Michael Ferguson) is making his way out of his house to meet with Kellie (Allison Lange) at her house, he falls and bumps his head (more on this later). He then gets his clothes wet from the lawn sprinklers and has to go back in and change and freshen up, and he overhears his parents having sex, much to his disgust. He shows up late to Kellie’s house, and awkwardness and nervousness makes him stumble and fumble from his exit out of his car all the way to the front door, and he messes up the roses he brings for her when he farts and fans the fumes away with them. She answers the door and is not all that receptive to the roses and slightly criticizes him for his tardiness, and she soon says that her parents are up in Santa Barbara right now caring for her ill grandmother, so they have the house to themselves tonight. They have a nice dinner, but he hurts his back prior to it, and then gets hit in the nuts with a basketball while shooting hoops with her afterwards. She offers him a Jacuzzi session to soothe his pains and gives him a pair of her father’s swim shorts for him to wear, telling him to get better because she has a surprise for him later (as a way to thank him for defending her from their U.S. History teacher, Mr. Klausman [Eddie Allen], the previous day and saving her from getting flunked for cheating on a test that they were doing).

As Virgil is getting ready in the bathroom, Kellie’s philandering ex-boyfriend Scott (Jordan Belfi) shows up out of the blue with his friends. Scott and Kellie soon begin to argue, during which she once again tries to drill into his head that they are no longer an item, and he grabs her arm and tells her that they belong together no matter what she says. Having overheard the argument, Virgil halts Scott and orders him to leave, and Scott challenges him to make him do so. Virgil responds by punching him in the face, sending him stumbling out the door and to the ground where he breaks his throwing arm. Scott then turns into a big baby and threatens to sue Virgil, but Kellie points out that, if he does, everyone in school will find out about how Virgil injured him. He then gets helped by his friends into his car and they take off to the hospital.

While relaxing in the Jacuzzi together, Kellie asks Virgil why he stood up to Klausman for her, considering that he was risking getting into a lot of trouble for someone he hardly knew and who had paid virtually no attention to him. He replies that he always considered her to be a beautiful and wonderful girl, and though he felt he could never be with a girl like her because he lacked the traits that popular guys like Scott possessed, he still dreamt of it, and it was those feelings that spurred him to come to her defense. Kellie tells him to not put himself down like he just did, saying that he has more going for him than Scott does, and she is glad that he did what he did, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to spend this time together. Virgil then adds that he long perceived beautiful girls like her as sometimes being shallow and self-centered, but he realizes now that she isn’t like that at all. Kellie replies that she cares about him, and he says the same to her.

Just as they are about to kiss, the moment is interrupted when the “surprise” comes knocking at the door. After having Virgil sit in the living room, Kellie answers the door, and it turns out that she hired a stripper to come over and take Virgil’s virginity. She leaves her with Virgil and sits on the staircase outside looking glum, clearly having second thoughts about this after what he just said to her. The stripper dances for Virgil, but then Kellie hears the music abruptly shut off, and the stripper comes out looking disappointed and tells Kellie that he refused her. After she departs, Kellie comes into the room and has a slow dance with Virgil, but he ends it when he feels an erection coming on. She asks him why he turned down the stripper, and he replies that tonight has been the best night of his life because he is with her, and if he did do the deed with that stripper, it would’ve spoiled everything for him. She kisses him, and then they go upstairs and have sex. Once they have finished, she says that he was much better than she thought he would be. She starts going to town on him again and calls out his name repeatedly….

….and then Virgil wakes up back at his home with his parents checking on him. It turns out that, when he fell down and hit his head before leaving, he actually knocked himself out and had dreamt everything that had happened afterwards.

After his parents help him up, he finds that the subsequent conversation they have nearly echoes everything word-for-word from their conversation in his dream. During his journey from home all the way to Kellie’s front door, he finds the situations he experienced in the dream occurring for real as well, but having a feeling that they would occur based on his talk with his parents, he avoids almost all of them and arrives on time. Kellie answers the door wearing the same clothes she had on in his dream, and she is more receptive to the roses he brings. He then decides to conduct a test and asks her how her grandmother is doing instead of waiting for her to bring it up like in the dream, and she responds the way she did before. She asks him how he knows about that, but he just writes it off as a wild guess. When she turns away from him to put the roses in some water, Virgil quietly gives a thrilled reaction, for it seems that everything between them will play out the way he dreamt it, or possibly better.

During the credits, Dwayne (Michael Ray Bower) gets revenge on Virgil’s pet macaw for all of the verbal abuse he had taken from him by urinating on him, but he stands too close to the cage when he does it and get bitten on the penis.