Mar 152020

Absolutely Anything


PLOTA space probe containing information about the human race is found by the alien galactic council. They debate whether to destroy the earth or make humanity a member of the council. As a test, they will give one human the ability to do absolutely anything. After ten days, if the powers were used for evil, Earth will be destroyed.

The chosen human is Neil Clarke, a teacher struggling under Headmaster Robinson. Neil has a crush on his neighbor, Catherine West. Oblivious to his new power, Neil accidentally causes an alien spaceship to explode a classroom.

Perplexed, Neil tests himself to find he can do anything. He asks that "everyone who died come back to life" and causes a zombie apocalypse; he reverses this and asks that the explosion never happened. He causes Miss Pringle to worship his friend Ray.

Neil uses his power for petty personal gain and to give his dog Dennis the ability to speak. One night, the galactic power fails just as Neil asks that Catherine fall in love with him, and coincidentally a drunk Catherine knocks at his door. They spend the night together and are seen by Catharine's stalker, Colonel Grant.

Catherine hears Dennis shout that he loves Neil, making her think that Neil is gay. Ray says that Miss Pringle doesn't worship him romantically, she thinks he is a god. Catherine locks Grant in her apartment. Neil breaks Grant's arm and then fixes it. Grant kidnaps Neil, forcing him to grant some selfish wishes, threatening to shoot Dennis.

Catherine and Ray rescue Neil who reverses all of the wishes. Catherine angrily tells Neil that she could never love anyone so controlling. Disheartened, Neil decides to use his powers to solve the world's problems; he gives everyone in the world as much food as they want and their own dream house.

However, this backfires when worldwide obesity flares, all uninhabited land is developed, and several countries declare pointless war. Neil attempts suicide, but as he jumps into the Thames, Dennis jumps in after him and Neil is forced to swim them both out. Afterward, Dennis says that Neil should give the power to him, as he never thinks of anything selfish. Neil does this.

Meanwhile, the aliens decide that Earth is not worthy. They determine to destroy Earth, but Dennis wishes that the source of power be destroyed, causing a laser beam shooting towards Earth to bounce back to the alien ship, killing them all. Full of confidence now, Neil asks Catherine out, to which she agrees.
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