Feb 062020

Going The Distance


PLOTNick (Christopher Jacot) and his friends have just graduated from high school and he’s distraught at the fact that his girlfriend (Katheryn Winnick) is going to spend the summer in Toronto interning at MuchMusic. Fearing that she will fall prey to the dubious charms of her boss (Jason Priestley), he decides to go to Toronto and propose, a bad idea for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the fact that he plans to do it with a $10 ring.

His two buddies (Shawn Roberts and Ryan Belleville) decide to come along (mostly so that they can talk him out of it) and the three take off from Tofino, B.C. in a Winebego, picking up two hitchhikers (Joanne Kelly and Mayko Nguyen) along the way and embarking on a series of adventures, many of which come courtesy of Emile (August Schellenberg), a man who has been hired by Nick's parents to prevent him from getting to Toronto.
2004Personal Rating50Rotten CriticsNRRotten Audience61IMDb Rating56Combined Rating55.7

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