Nov 072019

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Summer In The Vineyard

My Rating – 5.0 (10)

Critics Rating – 4.8 (10)

DirectorMartin Wood


No Trailer


Second instalment of the romantic trilogy with all you expect from this type of movie.


As their first year at Sorrento Farms is coming to a close, Frankie and Nate are looking forward to debuting their first vintage wine during the town’s annual ‘Summerfest’ celebration. When the host winery for Summerfest pulls out at the last minute, Nate volunteers Sorrento to replace them, thinking it will be great publicity for their fledgling operation. Frankie, however, is more concerned with whether she can have their first Cabernet ready on time.

The pressure is on them both to make a big splash for Sorrento at Summerfest to ensure the viability of their winery going forward. These two headstrong paramours are about to find out if you really can mix business with pleasure.