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PLOTA series of audition tapes is depicted, in which choreographer Selva and DJ Daddy interview potential future members of a dance troupe they are creating. They discuss topics like dance, fears, relationships, sex, and drug experiences. One night in Winter 1996, in an abandoned school, the collected dancers rehearse an elaborate routine before starting an after-party. They dance and drink sangria made by the troupe manager, Emmanuelle. The diverse group has several personal issues and share gossip about one another during the celebration.

As the party progresses, the dancers get increasingly more agitated and confused and eventually come to the conclusion that the sangria has been spiked with LSD. At first they accuse Emmanuelle since she made the drink, but she points out that she drank it and is also suffering from its effects. Taylor, already resentful towards Omar for dating his sister Gazelle, points out that Omar, a non-drinker, has not touched the sangria and accuses him of being the one responsible. The group gets angry and locks him outside the building in freezing conditions.

Emmanuelle sees her young son, Tito, who is present at the rehearsals, drink the sangria and locks him inside an electrical room to protect him from the agitated dancers. Selva goes to the room of her friend Lou, where Lou confesses that she did not drink because she is pregnant. However, Dom, strongly affected by the drug, enters the room, accuses Lou of spiking the drink and kicks her several times in the stomach; Lou, hurt and in great pain both emotional and physical, passes through an altercation between Alaia and Jennifer, during which Jennifer's hair is set aflame after Alaia gets physically aggressive due to Jennifer's refusal to share her cocaine.

A frenzied Lou confronts Dom with a knife on the dance floor, but the group, all heavily affected by the LSD at this point, turns on her and accuses her of having spiked the drink. Suffering an emotional breakdown, Lou ends up beating her own stomach and slices herself with the knife after the group encourages her to kill herself. Emmanuelle, who has lost the key to the electric room in which Tito is locked, recklessly tries to free her son. When the school suddenly loses power, she realises that Tito—who is no longer screaming from the other side of the door—has electrocuted himself.

Ivana brings a heavily hallucinating Selva to Ivana's room where the two take shelter and have sex. David discovers the two and is kicked out. David tries to enter DJ Daddy's room but is also evicted. Rejected, David encounters Gazelle as her brother, Taylor, attempts to have sex with her. Gazelle flees from Taylor and stumbles into the central hall where the remaining dancers have truly lost their minds, dancing, writhing on the floor, chanting in tongues, having sex with one another, or beating each other up. Taylor catches up to Gazelle and takes her to his room while David is attacked by another dancer who slams his head against the floor.

The police arrive the next morning, finding the dancers in various states both living and dead. Psyché, Ivana's girlfriend, is dancing in the middle of the room. Dom cries at what she's done. Rocket, Serpent, David, and Kyrra are passed out. Bart is frantically scratching his abdomen after being smeared with lipstick. Riley is asleep with Daddy. Gazelle wakes up next to Taylor, seemingly having forgotten the evening. Alaia is asleep with Cyborg. Ivana is asleep with Selva. Jennifer is frantically cooling her burnt head. Eva is unconscious in the nearby shower. Tito lies dead next to a clicking circuit breaker. Emmanuelle lies dead, having killed herself with a knife outside the electrical room out of grief. A bloody Lou exits the building out into the snow screaming. Omar is dead, frozen in a fetal position. As the police search the building, Psyché goes to her room and drops acid into her eyes. Due to several books related to hallucinogens in her bag, her apparent lack of suffering from acid, and the fact that she had claimed to dislike drugs in her audition tape, it is heavily implied that she was the one who spiked the sangria.
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