Sep 172017

Molly Quinn


I have a good relationship with my father, but it wasn’t so great when I was in high school. I was very lucky to have two teachers back then, Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Takagaki, who taught me how to think critically and how to be empathetic. Happy Father’s day to both of them!

I love my memories of this trip. I love my…

All children deserve to be loved and safe. On Father's Day, please spare a thought for those who weren't, and those who aren't today. We can and must do better. (Art by Barbara Firth, from Martin Waddell's "Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?")


I wanna experience and be inspired
I don’t wanna be born a new, I wanna add layers and layers of paint to myself.
I wanna be growing in wisdom
like a wild spice garden

Nighttime musings xo

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Molly Quinn

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