Aug 052017

Emily Kinney


"I really got to see what I was made of on this shoot" @LilyCollins on the upcoming @BBC adaptation of #LesMiserables

Real talk with @LilyCollins, star of #LesMisérables, who spoke to @GlamourMagUK about dating, ghosting and escaping the world at Christmas.


It’s here! GLAMOUR’s December digital-only cover starring actress @lilycollins which she styled and shot herself (yes, believe it) on a Google Pixel phone. Head to for the full interview along with our Christmas TV picks & more.

Can kindness and love change a man? #LesMisérables

Starring @DominicWest, @LilyCollins, David Oyelowo, Olivia Colman, @AdeelAkhtar1234, @Ellie_Bamber, @JoshOConnor15, @JohnnyFlynnHQ, Erin Kellyman and Derek Jacobi.

It’s finally here! The first official trailer for @bbc’s #LesMiserables is out and I couldn’t be honored to share this sneak peek with you all. To say this project was a labor of love is a huge understatement. Get ready to bring your tissues!...

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Lily Colins

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