Jul 162017

Actress – Eliza Dushku

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Yes! We just finished the #Mapplethorpe screening here in #SF to a sold out 1300+ crowd @framelinefest @castrotheatre 🎥🌈 We are so humbled & proud of @mapplethorpemov tonight ! 🙏

After mounting pressure, Trump is now saying he will end the separation policy by Executive Order. Two thoughts: 1) I’ll believe that when the camps close and the kids are reunited with families, and 2) wasn’t this a “Democrat law” that he couldn’t do anything about? SMH.

Immigrant children in detention centers were held down and forcibly injected with psychiatric drugs and told by officials the drugs were vitamins they had to take to see their parents again, a new lawsuit alleges https://t.co/Y6vFRkMF1c

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Eliza Dushku

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