Jul 012017

Actress – Emmanuelle Chriqui

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We were the #1 movie in America yesterday! All because of you guys. But I want to win the whole goddamn weekend! Urge your friends and family to come today and tomorrow. If you saw it already GOD BLESS YOU but you should come back again! Still so many jokes!

This is so EPIC!!! Thank you to all who supported this film! Let’s keep it going! #grateful @supertroopers 🙏❤️👍⭐️ https://t.co/5vtXSCrSFk

Ok kids... it’s finally here!!! @supertroopers opens today in theatres everywhere! Get your smoke on ( or not ) and go laugh your heads off😂😂 I have seen it 3 times and have cried of laughter all three times. @brokenlizard did it again!!! Happy #420 … https://t.co/vOk9Z7l6pR

This 4.20, Don't smoke and drive. That’s why we’re collaborating with @Lyft to keep smokers out of the driver’s seat. Enter the code LYFTTROOPERS in the Lyft app and ride with us. And go see SUPER TROOPERS 2 in theaters everywhere Get your tickets MEOW

In a surprise twist, #SuperTroopers2 edged out Amy Schumer's new comedy #IFeelPretty in Thursday previews https://t.co/RkRCEWk9aQ

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Emmanuelle Chriqui

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