Apr 292017

Brec Bassinger


Today my BF gave me the last bite of his ice cream cone. I thought it was because it was his least fav part cuz too much cone. He gave it to me because it was his favorite part and wanted me to have it.

Love makes you do crazy things man.

Big group of theater kids coming in at 10:30 pm in their stage makeup after their Friday night production of Fiddler on the Roof

.@Brecbassinger is loving the summer sunshine at the beach today! https://t.co/jd32OvbGt8

So IHOB on national burger day will y’all be giving out a free stack of burgers because if I do recall on national pancake day....

Can’t put into words the feelings and emotions these recent suicides have left me with.
Mental health is serious. Mental health is a necessity.
Sending prayers to the world (and families closely effected) today.

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Brec Bassinger

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