Apr 152017

Emma Caulfield


The levels of love for @zac_posen run deep. A frivolous Instapost to break the monotony of world chaos and heartache. Thank you @_GLangenbrunner for bringing this treasure to my closet. @… https://t.co/eyzDhWIH0H

Dear parents who send their sick kids to school... you suck. Love and light. Emma

HAHAHAHAHA. #monopolyformillennials #dearsanta @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/xoq373T5ph

Christmas music is playing in stores, and holiday decoration are out. I can’t imagine a worse way to enter what should be a joyous time, than seeing your world burn to the ground. There… https://t.co/68GeIZI8PW

There’s so much destruction, pain and loss all around us. My town is burning. My state is burning. My country is divided and weary. This man fought for this country and here he is crying.… https://t.co/8J8amvJJFf

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